Privacy Policy

Customer’s personal information is kept in case of an offer of service variously by our site. I protect customer’s important personal information as well as treat safely.

About collection of personal information.

Personal information isn’t collected by the unjust means by our site.

About a third person offer of personal information.

The personal information they could know isn’t elucidated for a third person by our site without getting one’s own consent beforehand.

About correction of personal information, addition and elimination.

When there were correction of personal information and a charge for addition and elimination from the person himself by our site, it’ll correspond promptly. When being not parallel with one’s own mail address in the case, I don’t meet the correspondence, so please be careful so as not to forget the mail address when inquiring about it.

About the private policy change of contents in our site.

The contents of a private policy of our site are changed by a law without notice. Please accept it.